Irene, from Stonington

Three years ago I broke my shoulder. A year ago I started having pain in and it steadily got worse and worse. I went to Westerly for pain management and they said I needed a shoulder replacement. But when they performed an EKG for admission it turned out that I had one major and two smaller blockages. What to do? The shoulder or the heart.

They decided to do the shoulder first. When I told them I heard it was painful, my doctor said, “You haven’t spoken to my patients!” I had the surgery-my shoulder had collapsed, it was a mess, but I went through the surgery with flying colors. Nine weeks after surgery I met with my heart doctor. I loved him instantly. He was down to earth and spoke my language. He did the stent-everything went well and I was home in three days.

I would take L+M over any other hospital. I feel safer there. I think they can deal with anything. My doctors were a real team. They were wonderful. I can’t say enough. And the nurses, bless their hearts, they’re wonderful. I’ve had a lot of stays at L+M and I’m very satisfied.

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I had a heart attack in 1996, as a result I met Cardiologist Mark Fiengo. Over the years, Mark tried to talk me into having a defibrillator implant. I finally agreed and went ahead with the implant. Well, on May 6, 2015, while unloading my trailer full of brush at the Groton Landfill, I got very dizzy and passed out! The following day I received a call from the organization that monitors my defibrillator called me and informed me that I received two shocks. It saved my life, Dr. Mark Fiengo saved my life.......that’s my story
- Valentino

I am the mother of Clay Burkhalter, your bill board man. I had a bad knee for four years and I finally convinced myself to have it replaced. I limped along and everyone could tell it was me by my awkward walk. I went to the same doctor as Clay and after xrays showed I had nothing left in my knee, I went ahead and had the surgery at L+M in January of 2014. I only put one provision upon my doctor. I had to be back on the tennis court on May 17th. This was the qualification year for the National Senior Games for 2015. After great care at L+M I went through intensive physical therapy. Everyone knew what my goal was. And I reached my goal winning my age group in singles in tennis and qualifying for the nationals in MN next July. I have won in previous Senior National Games, a gold, silver and bronze. I will be 80 years old next year and I am aiming for another gold medal or two.

So thank you to the team at L+M and physical therapy for getting me back on the court and being competitive once again. Everyone with a bad knee should think about replacement as mine feels like a normal knee.

- Elizabeth
Two weeks ago on an early Sunday morning my husband passed out on the floor. He was unresponsive so I called my son and he rushed to our house while he called the ambulance and police. When we got to Westerly Hospital he was put in ICU. They found several blood clots and one huge one around his lungs. Thanks to the staff and doctors, they gave him a risky clot buster procedure and he survived. After he came home a couple of days later, I too was having trouble breathing and went to the Westerly Hospital. After several tests they found that my heart was enlarged but let me go home and I have a follow up with the heart doctor. I want to thank each and every doctor and staff member for saving my husband's life. They were phenomenal.
- Karen
I was rushed into the ER at L+M with a ripped feeling in my right leg. The ER staff had the INSTANT wherewithall to send for Lifestar ASAP. The staff kept me alive and calm enough to get to an EMERGENCY heart surgery and a femoral artery bypass in my groin at another hospital. If it wasn’t for their amazing reaction time and true professional knowledge... I WOULD NOT BE HERE TODAY! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE ENTIRE EMERGENCY ROOM STAFF....I’M FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT...THANK YOU!
- Devon
Dr. Jaccarino saved my son William (then age 3), after he was misdiagnosed with croup. The good Dr. said, "I’m not convinced this is croup," ordered an X-ray of William’s throat, which was severely swollen and closing off the airway. Discovered that the boy was, in fact, in anaphylaxis. I am a firefighter/EMT, and a mother of 5, did not accept the first diagnosis myself, therefore bringing him to Westerly. The Dr. took my concern seriously and saved my son’s life. Dr. Bingham had once saved mine. Our Westerly Hospital ER has always been a valuable asset to our family.
- Colleen

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