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Dr. Jaccarino saved my son William (then age 3), after he was misdiagnosed with croup. The good Dr. said, "I’m not convinced this is croup," ordered an X-ray of William’s throat, which was severely swollen and closing off the airway. Discovered that the boy was, in fact, in anaphylaxis. I am a firefighter/EMT, and a mother of 5, did not accept the first diagnosis myself, therefore bringing him to Westerly. The Dr. took my concern seriously and saved my son’s life. Dr. Bingham had once saved mine. Our Westerly Hospital ER has always been a valuable asset to our family.
- Colleen
I was rushed into the ER at L+M with a ripped feeling in my right leg. The ER staff had the INSTANT wherewithall to send for Lifestar ASAP. The staff kept me alive and calm enough to get to an EMERGENCY heart surgery and a femoral artery bypass in my groin at another hospital. If it wasn’t for their amazing reaction time and true professional knowledge... I WOULD NOT BE HERE TODAY! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE ENTIRE EMERGENCY ROOM STAFF....I’M FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT...THANK YOU!
- Devon
I had a heart attack in 1996, as a result I met Cardiologist Mark Fiengo. Over the years, Mark tried to talk me into having a defibrillator implant. I finally agreed and went ahead with the implant. Well, on May 6, 2015, while unloading my trailer full of brush at the Groton Landfill, I got very dizzy and passed out! The following day I received a call from the organization that monitors my defibrillator called me and informed me that I received two shocks. It saved my life, Dr. Mark Fiengo saved my life.......that’s my story
- Valentino

In April I went to Disney with my family to see my nephew perform with his band. I was having severe stomach pain and ended up in the emergency room in the Orlando Hospital and was told that I needed to have my gallbladder taken out that day and they prepared me for surgery. Fourteen hours later I was still waiting, as they had mistakenly not put me into the surgery schedule. I met with the surgeon again, everything was confused and I did not feel good about having the surgery there, at this point I just wanted to go home and get taken care of at home. I was told that I was okay to fly.

The next day I flew back home to Pawcatuck and saw my doctor and then met with the surgeon Dr. Michael Betler. He received and reviewed all the test results from the Hospital in Florida and saw me that day. He was very informative and reassuring, especially after what I just went through in Florida. He scheduled me for surgery the next morning.

The next morning I went to Westerly Hospital and I was brought right in and taken care of immediately. I was being prepared for surgery by a few nurses, and Dr Betler saw me before surgery as well. I felt very reassured and comforted. The laparoscopic gall bladder surgery was done and I woke in the recovery room and was taken care of while I waited to be picked up. I went in at 9am the morning and was at my house by the afternoon and had dinner that night. I spent less time in the hospital here where I had my surgery than when I was in Florida... waiting for my surgery. My entire experience at Westerly Hospital was a good one from start to finish! I was impressed with the kind staff, Dr Betler and the comfortable environment and the efficiency. Dr Betler saw me for my follow-up visit and I thanked him... I feel great!

- Rena from Pawcatuck
I love the outdoors. Biking, hiking, cross country skiing—you name it, I love it. But my knees became so painful that it was difficult for me to even walk, let alone get in and out of my kayak. My knee replacement surgeries got me back outside doing the things I love again. Hear more of my story here.
- Joy from Waterford

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