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Dr. Jaccarino saved my son William (then age 3), after he was misdiagnosed with croup. The good Dr. said, "I’m not convinced this is croup," ordered an X-ray of William’s throat, which was severely swollen and closing off the airway. Discovered that the boy was, in fact, in anaphylaxis. I am a firefighter/EMT, and a mother of 5, did not accept the first diagnosis myself, therefore bringing him to Westerly. The Dr. took my concern seriously and saved my son’s life. Dr. Bingham had once saved mine. Our Westerly Hospital ER has always been a valuable asset to our family.
- Colleen
I’ve been barbering for forty-three years. I enjoy it because I enjoy people. I’m on my feet all day, so when the pain got really bad, I knew I had to have my hip replaced. My doctors did such a great job that when my other hip started to deteriorate, I had the operation right away. Now I can cut hair all day, without pain. Hear more of my story here.
- Arturo from Uncasville

I went to the ER at the end of October 2013. This was the second ER visit in 2 days. Another hospital sent me home and told me that my migraine, which I had for 4 days, was causing numbness from my upper lip to my fingers and toes. I was not walking very well and the pain that was in my lower back and in both legs was debilitating. My husband pushed the wheelchair up to the ER check-in window and as we explained the symptoms to the woman behind the glass she introduced herself as a neurologist (wish I remembered her name) and rushed us back to a room to begin testing. They started the process of admitting me immediately but due to the busy time there were no beds. I spent 8 hours in emergency, I am not complaining, and was taken up to the first bed available to wait for another bed on the right floor. When that next room on the 4th floor became available they moved me and also diagnosed me with Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). I could no longer stand and could not feel anything from the waist down. The upper body, arms and face were numb at that point and then everything went black.

The next thing I remember was waking up in ICU but I couldn't communicate. I went through IVIG which slowed down the progression enough for them to start plasmapheresis treatments. Everybody was wonderful from my nurses to pulmonary to EVS I was treated with dignity and respect. When I left ICU I went to 5.2 and then finally to 5.4 until my discharge on Thanksgiving. It was on those floors that I remember the most and will forever be grateful for the care that I received. Dr. O, Dr. Wolff, Dr Peters, Dr. O'keefe, Dr. Zevi (just to name a few) made sure my care was outstanding. The nurses and the aides were incredible from those floors and made me feel better about being away from my family as long as I was.

While in rehab on 5.4 I met some of the most personable, caring people. I was able to be myself during just about my entire stay and didn't feel judged. I could not imagine that I would have gotten this far without any of them but my physical and occupational therapists were second to none and I think about these girls everyday. I hope I get the chance to do this in person but I want to thank all of them for fighting for me even when I couldn't or didn't want to for myself. I am still out of work with pain and numbness under the care of a neurologist and going to physical therapy. I have retired my walker and presently get by with a cane but for those who know me also must know, I will not settle for this, so I continue to fight until I don't have to. Thank you L+M for employing greatness, if not for this I would not be here today.

- Angela
Two weeks ago on an early Sunday morning my husband passed out on the floor. He was unresponsive so I called my son and he rushed to our house while he called the ambulance and police. When we got to Westerly Hospital he was put in ICU. They found several blood clots and one huge one around his lungs. Thanks to the staff and doctors, they gave him a risky clot buster procedure and he survived. After he came home a couple of days later, I too was having trouble breathing and went to the Westerly Hospital. After several tests they found that my heart was enlarged but let me go home and I have a follow up with the heart doctor. I want to thank each and every doctor and staff member for saving my husband's life. They were phenomenal.
- Karen
I was rushed into the ER at L+M with a ripped feeling in my right leg. The ER staff had the INSTANT wherewithall to send for Lifestar ASAP. The staff kept me alive and calm enough to get to an EMERGENCY heart surgery and a femoral artery bypass in my groin at another hospital. If it wasn’t for their amazing reaction time and true professional knowledge... I WOULD NOT BE HERE TODAY! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE ENTIRE EMERGENCY ROOM STAFF....I’M FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT...THANK YOU!
- Devon

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